Friday, January 31, 2020

Why I Decided To Go To College Essay Example for Free

Why I Decided To Go To College Essay For this essay I will be giving a better understanding about how I ever decided to buckle down and get into taking college courses to get a Bachelors in health and sciences. Then discussing what kind of learning style I have most dominant and which style is my weakest. Being in the United States Coast Guard, you have to sit down with your supervisor every six month to do a personal evaluation. During the last evaluation, he asked me about college and I told him that I wasn’t interested. He told me that I shouldn’t waste this opportunity to get a cheap higher education and doing it all online makes it possible for anybody that works ridiculous hours. After the evaluation, I looked into what kind of degree I wanted. I didn’t know what I was interested in doing outside the military. So my wife and I sat down and we discussed what I could see myself happily doing. It came down to health and science or outdoor education. I figured with a better understanding of the effects of what physical strains does to the body would be a more appropriate choice. After doing all three inventories for this assignment, it showed that my most dominant learning style hands down was being a kinesthetic learner and that my weakest learning style was audible. Being a Kinesthetic learner means that the more hands on the better you will remember something. Instead of you learning with more of your ears or eyes, you retain more information through the whole body with muscle memory.† If your highest preference is kinesthetic, you prefer to be a hands-on learner and most likely love to move around frequently, like athletics, and to build things with your hands. Be grateful for your talents and also, it is important to know that most company and school environments cater to people  whose highest learning style preference is visual.† (The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, 2012, paragraph 03)  instance, in boot camp, we had lectures and seamanship class. In these lectures it would be a sit and listen to the Company Commander about the lesson trying my hardest not to fall asleep and getting the whole company in trouble. Whereas seamanship class we would interact with the Company Commander as a unit learning different types of vessels stabilities and getting hands on time about how to tie knots, fighting fires onboard a cutter, and the lighting off different types of flares for distress purposes. Having the audible learning style as my weakest means that I have a hard time sitting down and listening in on classroom discussions. After taking all three inventory test and all of them calling me a â€Å"Tactical† (Bixler, 2010) or a kinesthetic learner, I would have to agree with it. Growing up I hated going to class and not being able to move around or just staring outside waiting for the bell to ring. But now I defiantly use my kinesthetic learning style to my advantage at work. Working outside all day gives me the opportunity to exercise it. In conclusion, I have decided to go to online college to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in health and science after my supervisor encouraged me. After taking three different learning style tests, I have come to realize that I am a kinesthetic learner. This means that I learn better through physical activities rather than sitting down and listening to the Company Commanders at boot camp. I agree to the results of being a kinesthetic learner. Refrences The Center for New Discoveries in Learning. (2012). Learning styles inventory. Retrieved from Bixler, B. (2010). Learning style inventory. Retrieved from

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